Chloé Op de Beeck, Trees from Eupen, Photography, Dimensions variable, 2018, © the artist


Chloé Op de Beeck

And then we take it from here

Opening: 07.04.2019, 17:00

Chloé Op de Beeck seeks to give the trivial moments of everyday life special attention, using film, photography and (found) objects in an installative way. An ambiguity between objectivity and subjectivity emerges from her work, a tension between distance, intimacy and sensuality.

The moments and situations she captures seem to be played in a permanent loop; as on a theater stage, the characters follow the predefined trajectories in carefully thought out settings. Yet these are the real and mundane situations of waiting, silence and non-activity, observed and filmed by the artist.

In her approach to the museum as a playful workplace, Chloé will assemble at IKOB a constellation of captured fragments and objects, creating a place in which her videos interact with the space, and the viewer moving through the space, becomes part of a scenography.