Emilio López-Manchero, Trying to be Dutroux, Photographie, 79,5 x 63,7 cm, 2009, Courtesy: Space Collection

Benoît Felix, Borderline, 1'44'', Video, 2010, Courtesy: SPACE Collection


Basically it's very practical – The collections of BPS22, SPACE Collection and IKOB in dialogue

Opening: 28.10.2018, 17:00

Starting from the philosophy of pragmatism that only what works is true, IKOB, SPACE Collection and BPS22 bring their collections together for the time of an exhibition. In a tense political and cultural climate, cultural institutions have to tinker, adapt themselves and take special measures to pursue their mission. In these situations, the pragmatism they must show is considered as a survival strategy in art and as a way of resistance. If the works of the three collections dialogue from a conceptual, stylistic and/or anecdotal point of view, it is above all the pragmatics associated with the constraints of the exhibition that guides their intermingling in a desire for efficiency.

Djos Janssens, Dans le fond c'est très décoratif, Multiple, 30 x 30 cm, Sandblasting on mirror, 1964, Courtesy: Space Collection

Exhibition view,

Johan Tahon, Xanax, 2006, Sculpture (plaster, rubber, wooden palett), 400 × 100 × 100 cm, Courtesy: IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art

Irmel Kamp, Brasserie Wielemans Ceuppens, silver gelatine print, 50 x 60 cm, 1996-97, © Irmel Kamp, Courtesy: IKOB - Museum for Contemporary Art

Exhibition view,

Silvie Marcías Díaz, N.MoCA.L#1 - The New Museum of Contemporary Art from Liège, 70 x 224 x 95 cm, Installation, 2007, Courtesy: Space Collection

Maria Theresa Alves, Beyond the painting, Video projection – 23' 43", 2011
Courtesy BPS22

Munir Fatmi, Without History - Obstacles, Installation, variable dimensions, 2007
Courtesy BSP22

Exhibition view,

Yerbossyn Meldibekov, Transformer – Constructor Lego, Multiple – Installation, variable dimensions, 2014
Courtesy Jozsa Gallery/Bruxelles

Cindy Sherman, Untitled #118, Chromogenic print, 90 x 60 cm, 1983
Courtesy BPS22

Sophie Langohr, Saint Matthieu par Gérémie Geißelbrunn (1595 – 1660) photographié comme Dimitris Alexandrou par Errikos Andreou, from the series Glorious Bodies, 2013-2014
Two black and white digital photographs, 33 × 45 cm each, Courtesy: IKOB - Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst

With : Maria Thereza Alves, Jérôme Considérant, Dear Hunter, mounir fatmi, Benoît Félix, Jean-Guillaume Ferrée, Dirk Dietrich Hennig, Günther Förg, Katie Heck, Myriam Hornard, Djos Janssens, Eva L'Hoest, Sophie Langohr, Jacques Lizène, Emilio Lopez Menchero, Sylvie Macias Diaz, Xavier Mary, Yerbossin Meldibekov, Cindy Sherman, Armand Simon, Johan Tahon, Raphaël Zarka.