David Helbich, Audio-guide for Eupen, 2016, Foto: David Helbich


Workshop 4 - David Helbich – Eupen Tracks

The workshop will focus on the question of how artistic interventions can be understood as an offer to the public to become active on their own behalf. With the help of mini-performances, the participants embark on a real "trip". The first part of the workshop is devoted to the exercise of warming up the participants' senses and “thinking machines” by alternating between literally shouting at walls and ultra-quiet whispering. In the second part you will walk through Eupen to experience the city in a different way - with headphones and MP3-players. This tour is based on the audio guide "head and phones, land and scape, night or day, all one shape". Finally, you will try to formulate an all-encompassing question that attempts to bring the workshops goal of self-empowerment at the point.

The workshop language is German. As the group moves through rough terrain, it is recommended that you bring sturdy shoes.