Jixuan Chen


Special exhibition


Sophie Beeckmann, Joan & Mathilda Braun, Paulo & Diego Carrillo Bianchi, Jixuan Chen, Greta Keutgen, Elisa Knippenburg, Carla, Nelli & Oscar Lejoly, Mia Nyssen, Murielle Ramjoie, Noémie Ramjoie, Linnard Thelen, Zoé Thelen

Opening: 26.06.2020, 13:00

And then everything was quiet, calm and somehow different …

The Corona-lockdown situation has been an extraordinary situation which has never occurred before. We wanted to present it in an interesting way, especially for children. The idea arose of announcing a creative competition.
The little artists were invited to create the city of their dreams, to give it a name and to write a brief story about it. But how do you plan a city at all? How should it look? Does it contain nature? How do people move through the city? Where do children play? What about the colouration of the city? Does it have one colour or many? Is there a school or a library? Or both?
There came into being wonderful, imaginary cities which we are presenting in this special exhibition. May we invite you to join us on an urban journey of fantasy?

Exhibition view
Exhibition view
Exhibition view
Exhibition view
Exhibition view