Francis Feidler: Social filter situation, 1984, acrylic on cardboard, connected with red cords, 6 boxes, each 75 x 100 cm ©Francis Feidler


Francis Feidler

Elastikommunikation 1964 - 2021

Opening: 03.09.2021, 17:00

Francis Feidler's name is used synonymously with "contemporary art" in East Belgium. This is due to the fact that he founded 1993 the IKOB as the International Art Center of East Belgium and developed it 2006 into the IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art.
On the occasion of our 27th anniversary, IKOB is celebrating with this exhibition not only the founder and long-standing director, but also the artist Francis Feidler, who exhibited very successfully throughout Belgium so as in North Rhine-Westphalia and Dutch Limburg in the 1970s and 2000s.
His works are often traced back to a term he invented, that of "ELASTICOMMUNICATION", which visualises all aspects of human communication through the spiral form. For Feidler, everything is indeed "Elasticommunication" - also and above all the relationship of the viewer to the work of art. The exhibition sees itself as a retrospective that treats the founding of IKOB as part of Feidler's artistic practice.