Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann, Doppelportrait, 2019 © Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann


© Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann


Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann

Medusa - Floating Body #4

Opening: 09.08.2020,

The research and performance project ‘Medusa : floating body #4’ consists of a video installation whose images arose during a previous action by the artist duo Kleiner & Biermann on the Rhine. The presentation, which has been reworked by the artists for the installation at the IKOB, refers to the exhibition ‘in order of appearance’ at the K21, Düsseldorf, 2020. The air mattresses which initially attract the viewer’s attention consist of robust PVC based on the likewise self-made mattress from the action depicted in the video. The original air mattress was the scene for a daring performance on the Rhine, upon which the artists – accompanied by a drone – let themselves drift. In their action, they glided over waves and currents past ships, piers and riverbank reinforcements. Their gliding motion is quite capable of being interpreted metaphorically. Departure, journey and adventurous risk are the cultural points of reference. The installation is staged so that the viewers of the video, lying upon a heap of mattresses, are able to get a feeling for the artists’ journey. The view directed from below to above reflects the perspective of the drone.

Admission is free, but we would be pleased to accept a voluntary contribution in support of our endeavours and the work of the artist.

A sufficient amount of parking is available in the parking lot of the Carrefour Supermarket, Rotenberg 12, 4700 Eupen.


© Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann


Installationsansicht, fotografiert von Katja Illner, © Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann