Parts of the installations My Home is my Castle, Anywhere! and The Missing Part (both 2017) by Jerry Frantz and Sali Mulle


Jerry Frantz & Sali Muller

Museum of Vanities

Opening: 14.05.2017, 15:00

For their exhibition Museum of Vanities, Jerry Frantz – the notorious inventor of absurd persons and projects – and Sali Muller – the sensitive analyst of habits of vision and perception – have created a series of works of art that fearlessly respond to the work of the other artist, entirely in the sense of a culture of dissent. On display are current works by the two Luxembourgian artists many of which were developed specifically for this exhibition. With reference to this year’s theme at the IKOB – resentment – Jerry Frantz and Sali Muller focus on such concepts as terrorism, nationalism, selfishness and, ultimately, finiteness.

The double meaning contained in the word “vanity” of fatuous self-love and evanescence is first manifest the installations of Jerry Frantz. Shining surfaces are recurrent vehicles for him to unmask vain nonsense. Also, he uses the ready-made aspect of his artworks in order tell his story, as goes for example for the exhibited air-to-air missile of the AIM-9 Sidewinder type from the ordnance of the Luxembourg Armed Forces.

Sali Muller constitutes the psychological counterpart in this double exhibition with works that stimulate reflection and, quite significantly, consist of mirrors which for the most part do not reflect images and have been treated by the artist in various ways – whether by removing layers with sandpaper or applying layers of silicon, as with her work Crystal Clear from 2017.

View or download Le Bulletin № 3: Museum of Vanities as a Pdf file.


Jerry Frantz, Trials and Errors I: Atelier subversif, 2017
Installation (Furniture, tools, electric and electronic parts, explosives), variable dimensions

Exhibition view

Jerry Frantz, Trials and Errors III: Objets de gloire, 2017
Installation (14 ammunition shells, some with engravings), variable dimensions

Exhibition view
Exhibition view

Sali Muller, Crystal Clear, 2017
Transformed mirror, Ø 150 cm

Exhibition view
Exhibition view

Sali Muller, Gloomy Views, 2016 (Teil des Gloomy Room)
Perforated foam sheets in light boxes, 100 × 230 × 4,5 cm


Sali Muller, The Imperceptible Self, 2016
Installation (Sanded mirror, sound), 80 × 60 × 3 cm


Jerry Frantz, Trials and Errors II: Terminal Cleaning, 2017


Sali Muller, I See You Looking Back at Me, 2016
Installation, 80 × 300 × 30 cm