Jo Caimo, Koorvorming, 2017
Performance, © Jo Caimo, Photo credit: Ed Jansen


Lisette de Greeuw, 10,000 Hours: June 2017 - April 2018, fineliner on paper, 128 x 104 mm, (c) Lisette de Greeuw, Photo: IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art




Elias Cafmeyer, Jo Caimo, Jürgen Claus, Pieter De Clercq, Emmanuel Dundic, Lisette de Greeuw, David Helbich, Edyta Jarząb, Mirthe Klück, Alina Schmuch und Adrien Tirtiaux

Opening: 29.07.2018, 15:00

Pragmatism and self-organisation are, in our opinion, modern strategies with which our democratic societies can best confront the authoritarian and anti-democratic forces. Art has a decisive role to play here.
All invited artists work on open and self-organizing strategies. It is important that the relationship of viewers to the art on display is freed from a hierarchical relationship and transformed into an equality of interaction.
On the weekend of October 6 and 7 a workshop curated by Linnea Semmerling with Jo Caimo, David Helbich and Edyta Jarząb will take place. Based on vocal strategies, the artist test aspects of group synchronization and the proverbial "raising of the voice" together with the visitors.
In cooperation with the music festival MEAKUSMA and the East Belgium Festival, IKOB will also host two concerts on 8 and 9 September. Participating musicians are Wolfgang Delnui, Tomoko Sauvage and Emmanuelle Parrenin.
At the same time as Pragmatism and self-organisation and in keeping with the theme, we present a very special group of works from our own collection: ELEVENTH WORK FOR THE IKOB [Homogenise the collection] of the Belgian artist Adrien Tirtiaux. This group of works was created in 2014 in the context of his solo exhibition at IKOB. In return, he gradually drew each work of art from our own collection on a scale of 1:20. 264 unique drawings were created, which are now being presented in the museum for the first time.

View of download Le Bulletin № 7: Pragmatismus and Self-Organisation as a Pdf file


Pieter De Clercq, Variable Dimensions, Variable Dimensions, Variable Dimensions, Différents matériaux et quelques plantes, 2018 et Jürgen Claus, L'Age Solaire, Neon Lights, 1991, (c) Jürgen Claus, Photo: IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art


Adrien Tirtiaux, Eleventh work for IKOB - Heterogenise the Collection, 264 drawings, 2014, (c) Adrien Tirtiaux, Photo: IKOB - Museum of contemporary art


Adrien Tirtiaux, Thirteenth work for IKOB - Alles fliegt Ford, Innox-Pannele, Plywood, 2018, (c) Adrien Tirtiaux, in the background: Philippe Vandenberg, Crucifixion, 1981, (c) Philippe Vandenberg, Photo: IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art


in the background: David Helbich, Belgian solutions, (c) David Helbich and Elias Cafmeyer, Constantin, Beton, 2015, (c) Elias Cafmeyer, Photo: IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art


Visitor with David Helbich's work, Music in 24 Pieces, 2018, (c) Martin Thomas


(from left to right) Mirthe Klück, Untitled, silkscreen on aluminium foil, 125 x 100 cm, 2018 and Pieter De Clercq, Variable dimensions, Dimensions Variable, different materials and some plants, 2018, Photo: IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art


Visitor with Mirthe Klücks Series, Untitled, 125 x 100 cm, 2018, (c) Martin Thomas


Visitors in front of the work of Lisette de Greeuw, 10,000 hours: June 2017 - April 2018, Fineliner on paper, 128 x 104 mm, (c) Martin Thomas

Exhibition view,

Adrien Tirtiaux, Europe Without Borders, 2018, Brass, A map of the EU that folds into a perfect sphere and removes all borders with countries outside the Union. (c) Adrien Tirtiaux


Visitor in front of a work by Lisette de Greeuw, 2018, (c) Martin Thomas


Visitor infront of the work of Emmanuel Dundic, Porte clés, 240 Keychain, 2018, (c) Martin Thomas


Visitors in front of the work of Mirthe Glück, Untitled, Lacquer and Latex on canvas, 186 x 233 cm, 2018, (c) Martin Thomas


Elias Cafmeyer, Constantin, Beton, 2015, (c) Elias Cafmeyer, Photo: IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art