Dmitry Teselkin, Constructor, 2017
Installation (wood, steel, paint)
136 × 53 × 42 cm


Star Work № 20: Constructor

Dmitry Teselkin

Dmitry Teselkin’s work revolves around the fabrication and variable reconfiguration of a single geometric form. It is influenced visually in equal measure by the aesthetics of minimalism and industrial design in the context of social intervention and reflecting on art as a game. The name of this project is “Constructor”. This project has been developing for over eight years, is an ongoing work and represents the main thrust of Teselkin’s art. For this he uses a variety of materials and methods, such as laser-cut cardboard, plexiglas, steel, stone and concrete. He finds inspiration equally in the principles of minimalism and industrial design.

The main point of creating “Constructor” and reinventing it in different forms is to compare an artist with a playing child. A child whose game becomes more complex and changes due to its knowledge and environment as it grows up. But the main drive is the game as inspiration – something which makes you wake up in a morning, doesn’t matter what you play with, texts, sculptures, paintings, or even politics or science.

This simple idea allows Teselkin to use the principle of a common childhood game as a metaphor. He developed his own game similar to the common creative art games which we can find around.
Playful conception allows him to mix his basic material with other topics and lines almost the same easy way as kids mix their toys. Since 2014 he started to work(play) on the idea around art as an artist’s weapon. He sees artists dreaming of conquering the world with their art. They use business technologies, advertising and wage labor. Some artists act like a politician writing texts, making public speeches gathering the art groups and diligently invade the art sphere by making a net of agents of influence. Works of art, same as weapons, are shown at fairs and exhibitions. They are expensive and highly secured, carefully packed and transported around the world. If we consider ‘Constructor’ from this point of view, it is certainly a weapon.

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