Eric Peters, Little Buddha im Überall, 2014
Oil and watercolour on paper hybrid, 311 × 489 cm


Eric Peters, I Eat Myself, I Feed Myself, 2015
Oil and watercolour on paper hybrid, 173 × 300 cm


Eric Peters


Opening: 24.04.2016, 15:00

Eric Peters lives and works in Aachen. His work is unique in its consistency, and is widely recognised both in Germany and internationally. With his paintings he circles around the secrets of the creation and analyses the human psyche with its various layers and superpositions. Still life, portraits, and cosmology are his preferred motifs. He understands how to skilfully juggle with their art historical significance. Wheras in the beginning he determined the composition through the circular form, he now relies on the principle of multiple overlays – the superposition.

Mythological animal figures that alternate with iconic portraits from Mao to Vladimir Putin, through Joseph Beuys to Margret Thatcher appear slightly distorted through the image overlays. The resulting uncertainty is brought about consciously. This is akin to the current temporal and spatial hypercomplexity that makes our societies feel ever more insecure. Peters counters this societal insecurity with the quality of his painting: making it denser where everything seems to be loose, and breaking up areas that are felt to be dense. The painting of Peters is an indicator for the state of our world, and asks us the inescapable question of how do we want to perceive the world through the mirror of painting.


Eric Peters, Bluebird Immigrant 2015
Oil and watercolour on paper hybrid, 155 × 489 cm


Eric Peters, Kaiserwalzer, 2014
Oil and watercolour on paper hybrid, 282 × 662 cm