Wout Hoeboer, Untitled
Mixed media


Wout Hoeboer, Untitled, 1964
Oil and tempera on wood, 80 × 61 cm


Wout Hoeboer


Opening: 05.11.2011, 16:00

The current exhibition at the IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art shows a retrospective of Wout Hoeboer, born 1910 in Rotterdam and died 1983 in Brussels, who has participated in numerous art movements during his career as an artist.

The retrospective shows the artist’s various approaches as an extraordinarily exciting oeuvre. As a free thinker, Hoeboer was interested in Dadaism, abstraction, the CoBrA movement and the Arte Nucleare group. His work is influenced by this art historical development. Critics define Hoeboer’s work between the rejection of artistic conventions and the capture of very personal emotions.
Various Dadaist sculptures and object montages, but also numerous collages and paintings can be seen in the exhibition. Wout Hoeboer installs a wide variety of materials in his plants: pieces of wood, cardboard, fabrics, sponges, etc. It is precisely this diversity that testifies to his intellectual and artistic freedom. Nevertheless, he still sees painting and working with colours and forms as a way of expressing his innermost feelings. Over the years, Hoeboer developes a number of symbols in his painting, which he uses to express his personal feelings. In this sense, his works are a reflection of his time as well as an expression of concentrated energy, creativity and joie de vivre.

The exhibition of the artist Wout Hoeboer can be seen until January 8, 2012 at the IKOB.


Wout Hoeboer, Untitled, 1970
Acrylic on canvas, 83,4 × 123,5 cm


Wout Hoeboer, Untitled, 1964
Oil and tempera on wood, 61 × 81 cm


Wout Hoeboer, Untitled, 1964
Oil and tempera on wood, 61 × 81 cm