Léopold Plomteux, 1995


Oil on canvas
200 × 170 cm

In the works of this painter, colour and form express a cheerful or fixedly serious vitality; we see a whirl of self-confident colours which, in their dense bustle, do not convey a threatening chaos but constitute a jointing of individual forms that do not work against each other or conform to a uniform pattern but bring to expression a docking and integration into diverse subsidiary currents. This is perhaps indirectly the image of a relaxed democracy in which superordinate impulsions have quite a distorting effect even while the independence of the members of the swarm influences the overall progression. With realistic beginnings and strict surface abstractions, the artist developed over several decades this sort of free structure as his own form of expression, which he has refined with a wealth of variations.

(Dirk Tölke, revised version)