Céline Vahsen, 2020


Cotton, Linen, Wool
140 cm x 140 cm

Céline Vahsen’s work unspools from the rich cultural heritage of textiles as a medium. With her contemporary approach, she examines techniques anchored in traditional textile-making. Her research-based approach has no geographic or historical boundaries: it encompasses various references and traditions across a range of hybrid cultures and production methods of different eras.
Her textiles are mounted on frames like canvasses, turning into images or patterns reminiscent of displays – a reference to the relationship that the loom shares with modern day computers. Color plays an equally important role for the artist: patterns and colors in textiles have always been markers of social acceptance or exclusion. In her textiles, Vahsen uses light pastel colors; shades that are often interpreted as being soft or feminine. They are the product of natural and experimental dyeing techniques, which the artist developed from processes used in different ancient cultures. Céline Vahsen is the 3rd winner of the IKOB - Feminist Art Prize 2022, and exhibited this work in the accompanying exhibition.