Catharina van Eetvelde, 2015


Installation (mixed media)
variable dimensions

LBYD/SOI is referred to as a drawing.

It is a segment out of an incantation to try to hold together briefly concepts of matter and nature, a process that bears a mutant production. it seems only natural to propose to show it in its working environment of matters and natures; of linen, glass, silk and electronics, copper, polyvinyl chlorides; and of gods, genes, minds, mountains, cells and vectors. (Catharina van Eetvelde, 2015)

LBYD/SOI in its larger context has been presented from 26.11.2016 to 12.03.2017 at the Kunstmuseum Basel.

† This artwork belongs to the IKOB collection, but was destroyed in the regional floods of July 2021.