Gong Extensions
(Guillaume Vanespen, Grégoire Tirtiaux, Quentin Manfroy, Yann Lecollaire – BE)

Gong Extensions is a quartet with Guillaume Vanespen (gong with the bow), Grégoire Tirtiaux (alto and baritone saxophones), Quentin Manfroy (flutes) and Yann Lecollaire (bass clarinet).
The music of Gong Extensions is organized around the sound spectrum of the gong played with the bow, unfolding its rich over/sub-tones, creating waves, resonances, vibrations,… The 3 woodwinds musicians, playing in circular breathing, join the spectral matter of the gong, amplify it, color it or sometimes go “against it”.The music is almost as a meditation, consisting of long continued notes interweaving, setting layers on layers, mixing, between lights and shadows, tensions and releases, composing large, colored, contrasted soundscapes, in perpetual transformation.