On the occasion of her current exhibition at IKOB, we present a conversation with the artist Merle Vorwald. The artist and freelance production designer, who lives in Brussels and Berlin, presents her project DAUERGLOSS (2023), an examination of right-wing extremism in Germany since 1945 – as a continuity from the Third Reich, to the Federal Republic, to the right-wing realities of the present, and as a formative part of her family’s history.

The artistic practice of MERLE VORWALD (b. 1980, Germany) spans fictional writing, spatial installations and online platforms. Her reduced visual contexts create absurd beauty realms of glossy, Camp materialities and their imperfections. Through these she explores historical fringe characters, the inherent political of autobiographical matters and investigates the potentials of fragility in collective work structures. As a production designer she articulates an aesthetic position between art house movies, video art and commercial productions in the German film industry. In 2022/23 she will participate in the postgraduate program apass (Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies) in Brussels.

Following the talk, we will present the film TERROR 2000 - Intensivstation Deutschland) (1992) by German artist and filmmaker Christoph Schlingensief (1960-2010).

18:00: Guided tour of the exhibitions
19:00: Artist talk with Merle Vorwald
20:30: Screening of the film "TERROR 2000"

TERROR 2000 - Intensivstation Deutschland
Director: Christoph Schlingensief
Running time: 79 minutes
Germany, 1992
Language: German with French subtitles
Not suitable for children and young people

After the ex-gangsters Bössler (Alfred Edel) and Jablo (Udo Kier) have found asylum in Rassau-Stadt - one now owns a furniture shop, the other a small church - they use their powers exclusively to clean up Germany in the spirit of Rostock. Only when they have finished off a Polish family and a West German social worker on a ride in the Rassau asylum train do the people from the Federal Criminal Police Office (Peter Kern and Margit Carstensen) set off for Rassau and get caught up in a whirlpool of runaway events: A motorcyclist loses his face to Helmut Kohl. The home management thinks of Treblinka. The priest assaults a Thai woman. The common past of all involved strikes mercilessly: Gladbeck. When the Nazis, the faith healer and the minister also arrive, Germany shows its true face. After DAS DEUTSCHE KETTENSÄGENMASSAKER and 100 JAHRE ADOLF HITLER, the last part of Christoph Schlingensief's Germany trilogy. Hate, love, sexuality and death. Germany in the year 1 after Rostock. A hectic film in a hectic time.

Trailer and more info here.

Guided tour + talk: free admission
Film: 5€
For IKOB members the programme is free.


Merle Vorwald, DAUERGLOSS prototype, Quittungsblock, 2022, Foto: Merle Vorwald


Ausstellungsansicht, Merle Vorwald: DAUERGLOSS, © IKOB - Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Foto: Lola Pertsowsky


Margit Carstensen und Peter Kern in TERROR 2000 © Filmgalerie 451


TERROR 2000 © Filmgalerie 451