Discover our current exhibition EAT THE RAINBOW as part of a guided tour, with IKOB curator Brenda Guesnet.

EAT THE RAINBOW was curated by a group of children and presents artworks from the IKOB collection. The young curators organised the exhibition around six ‘colour planets’ and selected 63 works by 56 artists.

This exhibition offers the special opportunity to see a large part of the IKOB collection, which has not been presented at this scale since 2020. The IKOB collection is a visual reflection of the history of the museum. With almost 400 works, it conveys the artistic, political and geographical orientation of the museum.

The guided tour is free of charge and is held in German. Duration approx. 45 minutes. No registration is required. A voluntary contribution is always appreciated!

More information about the exhibition can be found here.

Photo: Lola Pertsowsky