On the occasion of the opening of his exhibition Lee Ranaldo will perform his soundart performance HURRICANE TRANSCRIPT for the first time solo in Europe. The opening of the exhibition starts at 5 pm, the performance follows at 6 pm. The event is for free. Registration is not required. If the maximum limit of 150 visitors is reached, the organizers IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art and Meakusma may decide not to admit any more visitors.

About the exhibition:

Lee Ranaldo (b. 1956) is an all-round artist who moves freely between genres. Although he is best known as a co-founder and member of the alternative rock band Sonic Youth and considered one of the best guitarists in the world, he is also active as a sound, performance and visual artist. Ranaldo publishes travel, poetry and artist books and his art has been shown in numerous galleries and museums, including Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art and Hayward Gallery in London. Lee Ranaldo and the concurrently exhibiting artist Johan Tahon have known and appreciated each other for many years, and now have the opportunity to exhibit their art together for the first time at IKOB.

At IKOB, Ranaldo will show the latest works from his ongoing “Lost Highways” series, drawings he creates while traveling. They are quick sketches made in the front seat of his tour bus while driving through various landscapes, speaking both to his life as a rock musician constantly on the road and to his artistic sensitivity.


Lee Ranaldo, Photo: Anna Bogaciovas


Lee Ranaldo, Time Life, 2022