The Edge Of Memories
(Lynn Cassiers, Sylvaine Hélary, Anne Palomérès)

« Listening to us is like opening a door that gives out on a sonorous roundabout in permanent construction. Our worlds, although profoundly different, seem to interact effortlessly, with naïve spontaneity, conviction or surprise. Behind a facade of mainly melodies and words, we find bigger structures. Hidden columns of rhythm, harmonic framework, derived from this peculiar instrumentation. It’s in this desolate landscape that provokes reminiscing and dreaming, that we are challenged to reconsider our values and reshape the usual perspectives. »

A voice, a flute. Toys, objects, effects. Lights and movements.
In this set, that walks the border between concert and performance, they invite you to wander this rather odd construction site, where everything still possible. During long range of improvisations, across jazz and pop music, fragments of Britten or Fauré come up to the surface, as snapshot souvenirs. The lights, with its own device shaped for each occasion, allowed to discover an inner face of the stage area.

Sylvaine Hélary : flûtes, effects, toys
Lynn Cassiers : voice, effects, objects and synths
Anne Palomeres : lights


The Edge Of Memories