Here you can find information about our guided tours, our activities with children and young people, venue hire and bookings.

Guided Tours


oeffentlich-300x200-q85 Discover our current exhibitions and dive deeper into the exhibited artists and their practice. You’ll also learn about the history of IKOB as the only museum for contemporary art in the German-speaking community of Belgium.
– Every Tuesday at 4 pm (except public holidays)
– The tour is free and takes place German (tours in other languages can be booked upon request).
– You can find the individual dates and more information in our event calendar.


direktoren-300x200-q85 On every last Sunday of the current exhibition, there is a guided tour with our Director Frank-Thorsten Moll. You’ll receive in-depth background information about the exhibition as well as insights into the upcoming programme.
– The tour is free of charge and takes place in German. No pre-registration is required. Of course, we would be happy to receive a voluntary contribution!
– You can find the exact dates of our guided tours in our event calendar.

Group tours

gruppen-300x200-q85 Your birthday celebration or an activity with your team - we are happy to welcome you at IKOB for a private group tour. Upon request, the tour can also be booked with catering (e.g. coffee and cake or champagne reception).
– Group tours: €50 (excl. voluntary entrance fee, and excl. hospitality costs if applicable)
– Tours in English and French upon request
– Contact us today to book your private tour at IKOB! Via phone on +32 87 56 01 10 or via email to

Children and young people

Every year, IKOB introduces numerous young visitors to the world of contemporary art and opens up new perspectives in their observation and expression. Through an open engagement with our exhibitions and their themes, our activities encourage children and young people in their creative and linguistic skills as well as in their social competence.

We are happy to organise a guided tour or workshop on a specific topic or to tailor the museum visit individually to school lessons (e.g. in English or for students learning German as a foreign language).


dialogfuehrung-300x200-q85 dialog2-300x200-q85 dialog3-300x200-q85 dialog4-300x200-q85

What is contemporary art? What do artists do exactly? And how does an exhibition come together? In our dialogue-based guided tour, students often experience their first encounter with contemporary art in a museum and are given the space to ask all their questions. Departing from the current exhibitions on view, students are encouraged to consider how particular artworks are made and what the artist’s thinking behind it was. They expand their observation skills through attentive looking and listening, articulate what they have seen and experienced in their own words and thereby acquire a basic knowledge of the visual arts. This activity can also be combined with a practical component.


eintag-300x200-q85 dsc_0631-300x200-q85 dsc_0670-300x200-q85 dsc_0660-300x200-q85

Students discover the exhibitions at IKOB by looking closely at the works on view and discussing the ideas behind them. They learn how selected works of art were made and gain an insight into the way that artists think and work. Next, they are prompted to create their own work: depending on the exhibition, they paint, draw, craft, cut, glue, or photograph. At the end of the activity, the students curate their own creations into an exhibition and reflect on the results together. One of the aims of this activity is to make contemporary art more accessible and to communicate its diversity: students come to understand that art can be much more than historical paintings on the wall and that we can encounter art in everyday life through living artists and our own creative abilities.

At IKOB, the children got to know the diversity of art and were able to look behind the scenes of the museum. Outside of their school setting, they were able to give free rein to their creativity and experience themselves as artists. By exhibiting their own works of art, the students gave each other mutual recognition.
— A. Neycken, 2nd year teacher, Royal Athenaeum Eupen


istdaskunst-300x200-q85 istdaskunst2-300x201-q85 istdaskunst3-300x200-q85 istdaskunst4-300x200-q85

Can a TikTok video be art? An advertisement? An album cover? For this workshop, students bring an analogue or digital object of their own choice to the museum. After an introduction to the current exhibitions at IKOB, students present their object to the others and explain why they perceive it as art. Using other examples from art and pop culture, a discussion arises around the philosophical and often asked question, originally coined by Joseph Beuys: "Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?” (“Is this art or is it garbage?“). Students have the opportunity to share their own understanding of art and learn about different points of view and criteria for classifying and assessing media.

Summer workshop

ferien3-300x400-q85 ferien-300x400-q85 ferien2-300x400-q85 Every summer, IKOB offers a five-day holiday workshop for children every summer. Based on the current exhibition in the museum, we ask ourselves what else can be art, or what art can be made of. With the various activities, the children can give free rein to their own imagination and creativity and learn that they can be artists themselves. On the last day, the projects created during the week are turned into an exhibition and presented to the families.

Venue hire

Are you looking for a stylish venue for your next event or photo shoot? Whether it’s for professional or private use, client receptions, conferences or birthdays - IKOB offers unique spaces filled with inspiring art.

We will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer for your event. Contact us by phone on +32 87 56 01 10 or by email to Brenda Guesnet (


For more information about our offers and booking, contact us by phone (+32 087 5601 10) or by e-mail.