Guided Tours

Guided Tour for the General Public

fuehrung-im-ikob-foto-ikob-300x200-q85 Discover the current exhibition and become familiar with much background information about the artists and their works as well as the history of the IKOB in its role as the sole museum for contemporary art in East Belgium.
– Every second Sunday in the month of an exhibition at 1:00 p.m.
– Cost: 5 euros per person, no additional admission fee; free of charge for members

Guided Tour by the Director

direktorenfuehrung-foto-ikob-300x228-q85 On the last Sunday of each successive exhibition, our director Frank-Thorsten Moll conducts a guided tour that offers a final assessment of the closing show and a preview of the coming program.

Guided Tours for Groups

fuehrung-dear-hunter-300x176-q85 Whether for young or old, birthday party or company excursion – we offer guided tours for all current exhibitions and collection presentations. Upon request, the guided tour can be combined with our CakeArt offer.

School Programs

Programs for Kindergartens and Schools

vermittlung-schulangebot-ikob-300x200-q85 We are happy to organize a guided tour on a certain topic or to fit the museum visit individually to your lesson plans. You can also use your visit for interdisciplinary instruction and combine artistic themes with contents from German or foreign-language classes as well as from religion, philosophy, politics, ethics, history, mathematics or the natural sciences.

Because of their direct involvement in the guided tour, the children have the opportunity of asking questions of all sorts. There is no need for previous knowledge about the works on display.

The offers can be combined with an on-site workshop. You will find information about the workshops at the lower part of this section.

Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Touching, Tasting Colors

Standing in front of a painting or colored object, children gather associations about
– Seeing: What effect do colors and forms have?
– Hearing: Do colors have sounds? Is there something in the picture that makes noise?
– Smelling: How does the material of the work of art smell?
– Touching: How does the material feel?
– Tasting: Is there something to taste? How does a certain color actually taste?

The Art Explorer

vermittlung-die-kunstentdecker-ikob-300x253-q85 Is your class visiting the IKOB for the first time? Then the pupils will be introduced to the history of the museum, to the current exhibition and to the respective artists. They become familiar with terminology, materials and techniques. During the tour, the children are on the lookout for exciting works of art; they share in a discussion about what they see and what is being represented. The diversity of the works of art and the inclusion of the pupils guarantee that their visit to the museum will be a fascinating experience.

You’re Looking!

vermittlung-guckst-du-ikob-300x200-q85 The IKOB presents works by international artists who come primarily from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. With their range of approaches and techniques, these works offer wonderful insights into what art can do today and how pupils can respond to it in a playful manner. The visitor often walks by works of art without taking notice, because they seem unspectacular. By feeling one’s way to an intense encounter with works of art, the viewer realizes that they can do more: they can tell stories. This offering is designed to stimulate precise observation, as in the children’s game “I see something you don’t see!”

Workshop: Children Become Museum Guides

vermittlung-workshop-museumsfuehrer-300x221-q85 This project focuses on promoting the independence and initiative of the pupils. After being introduced to the various possibilities of presenting art, the current exhibition and, not least of all, the challenges faced by a museum tour guide, the children set up their own guided tour program.

Workshop: I Can Do That Too ...

vermittlung-workshop-das-kann-ich-auch-300x200-q85 Rip, fold, cut, glue, stamp or paint. In our IKOB studio, pupils can bring their “experience” or “discovery” from the museum onto paper. In this way, what they have seen becomes transformed by painting or drawing into fantastic works.

Workshop: Museum Quiz

vermittlung-workshop-museumsquiz-300x203-q85 A museum quiz is adapted to the respective exhibitions. Questions and assignments are presented for solution. All answers are to be found within the museum; the pupils’ visit to the museum culminates in a museum rally.


CakeArt – An offering for adult visitors

cakeart-foto-ikob-300x340-q85 How would it be if the visit to a museum pleased not just the eyes but also the stomach? After a guided tour through the current exhibition, you can end your visit to the IKOB with a cup of coffee and piece of cake from the region.

– Ideal for groups on day excursions to Eupen or all those who enjoy combining art with gastronomy
– Cost: 14.50 euros per person (entry, guided tour, coffee and cake)


Please contact:

Brenda Guesnet
+32 (0)87 5601 10