Join us for the finissage of the current exhibition of the IKOB - Feminist Art Prize 2022 with the artists Daniela Bershan, Jieun Lim, Sandrine Morgante, Marnie Slater, Céline Vahsen, and Puck Verkade, as well as the installation 'sweet zenith' by Nika Schmitt.

We start at 2 pm with a guided tour by curator Brenda Guesnet.

The highlight of the event is Daniela Bershan's performance OCEAN within her installation of the same name, which takes place between 15:30 and 18:00. Bershan interprets everyday actions as sensual and meaningful and thus conceives this work as a collective, experimental and spiritual moment. The performed activities are usually socially devalued and assigned to women or the feminine realm. The artist wants to enhance these actions through multimedia, ritual-like embodiments and shows the viewers how much we are connected to everything. Guests are invited to make themselves comfortable on blankets or chairs around the performance and join Bershan on her journey.

The event is free and no registration is necessary.


OCEAN Daniela Bershan, Photo: Sabrina Seifried