Meakusma and Rotondes are pleased to present the sound installation sweet zenith (2022) by Nika Schmitt at IKOB.

You can find Nika Schmitt talking about her work with our curator Brenda Guesnet here.

Mirrored in space, two light pendulums orbit solar collectors mounted on poles. Driven by their own luminosity, the pendulums never come to rest. sweet zenith displays elemental forces that are transformed from one into the next, repeatedly colliding in chaotic motion. Sound becomes light, light becomes movement and movement again becomes sound in a perpetual feedback loop. Sounds and light bounce off the walls and constantly change course. The exhibition space itself generates and limits the entropy of the spectacle and witnesses a seemingly endless trial of opposing forces.

NIKA SCHMITT (*1992, Luxembourg) has been working as a sound artist since 2017. Currently based in Rotterdam, she makes site specific electromechanical installations and kinetic sculptures. The goal of Nika Schmitt’s recent work is to demonstrate processes in the physical world through energy transformations, material wear and tear or self-destruction in machines. Combined with elementary principles of physics the works mimic complex dynamics of the universe through slapstick-alike mechanic performances.

The installation opened to the public on 5th June 2022 as part of the programme of the IKOB x Meakusma event.


Exhibition view, Nika Schmitt, sweet zenith, 2022, © IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art, Photo: Lola Pertsowsky