'What the flag?!' is a project by Greylight Projects (NL) in which artists design flags that are hoisted on flagpoles outside or inside the venues of the partners of Very Contemporary, the network of 12 contemporary art institutions in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. The VC network partners invite artists (of their current exhibitions or as part of their collection) to design a print for the flag. Each institution then sends their flag to be shown at a partner venue in an act of exchange and re-circulation.

IKOB receives a flag from the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum in Düren, DE. The French media artist Vera Molnar was born in Budapest in 1924 and lives and works in Paris for a long time. She is considered as a pioneer of digitally generated art and practice, building on a Modernist vocabulary, she develops form of abstract painting characterized by the play of chance, with deviations and interruptions in geometric systems of order. An exhibition of the artist's work can be seen at the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum until 6 November 2022.



Exhibition view, Vera Molner, Une Ligne, 1954, © IKOB - Museum of Contemporary Art