Sophie Langohr, 2014

Saint Matthieu par Gérémie Geißelbrunn (1595 – 1660) photographié comme Dimitris Alexandrou par Errikos Andreou

[St. Matthew by Jeremias Geißelbrunn (1595–1660), photographed like Dimitris Alexandrou by Errikos Andreou], from the series Glorious Bodies, 2013-2014
Two black and white digital photographs
33 × 45 cm each

Sophie Langohr uses all the artifices of professional shooting and studio work to transfer the glory and fame of the models and celebrities of today to these saints carved by Jeremias Geißelbrunn in around 1640 for the Friars Minor Conventual Church in Cologne, now standing on corbels in the St. Nicholas Church in Eupen. Here are the icons of the Apostles, posing for this unexpected second (of) eternity. [...]
St. Matthew, the dark introverted one, has only to get a tatoo of a living dead on the shoulder or a Christ-like face crowned with thorns on the arm to fully resemble the Greek model Dimitris Alexandrou. (Jean-Michel Botquin)

† This artwork belongs to the IKOB collection, but was destroyed in the regional floods of July 2021.