Barbara & Michael Leisgen, 1974 (re-printed 2022)


Series of 5 silver gelatin prints
50 × 60 cm each

The five-part series Rhombus begins with an agrarian landscape in East Belgium, a black-and-white photograph; in four further photos showing the same section of landscape, we see the artist (standing with her back or sideways to the camera) as she gesturally traces out various paths and crossings inscribed into the landscape. This occurs within the realm of photography: as a harmonization of the simultaneity of camera, subject, viewpoint and photographic image.

The artists themselves describe their procedure in this way: ‘Within the cycle of our “Mimetic Landscapes” from the 1970s, we repeatedly endeavoured to give visual form to elements of nature and landscapes marked by human intervention, with the rear view [of a human figure] as an ideogram. At that time, we were living in East Belgium (in Raeren, to be precise), where we were deeply impressed by the hedgerows that delineate and define this landscape.’