Franck Miltgen, 2015

Distortion LI [51]

Vinyl and lacquer on aluminium
approx. 201 × 150 × 50 cm

A crashed car, quivering strobe lights in a disco, a first crumpled and then unfolded candy wrapper: the associations that can be summoned up by the sculpture Distortion created in 2015 possess a substantial amount of energy and dynamism. But can this in fact be called a sculpture? Or could it be better viewed as a bent aluminium surface which, treated with vinyl paint and enamel, should be assigned to the genre of painting? Or is it a design object which, with its serrated lines based on Oriental ornamentation, reflects the area of graphic art?
Standing opposite a hovering Something from hypermodern reality, we are simultaneously led in many directions with our associations. The work refuses to be assigned to one definite version of this reality – doubtlessly because the artist is clear about the fact that such a certitude simply doesn’t exist.