In her exhibition [ˈsəːvIs] Present ٠ Perfect ٠ Continuous at the IKOB, Marleine Chedraoui questions the habit of opening an exhibition and why it always follows the same patterns. She invited directors of other museums in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands to read the same text entitled "The Opening" at a lectern. This text was collaged using individual text fragments from the Internet.
At the beginning of the director's tour, the text collage will be read out for the last time by our director Frank-Thorsten Moll.

Afterwards Frank-Thorsten Moll will guide you through the exhibition JE SUIS ATOLL, which also ends. Jürgen Claus is regarded worldwide as a pioneer of underwater art. IKOB shows an unusual retrospective of the artist, who has been dealing with ecological themes, that are still very current today, for over 40 years. Immerse yourself in his thinking and his underwater art, while his "expansion of art" has made a decisive contribution to contemporary art.