When Tanja Mosblech and Andrea Mennicken were jointly awarded the title "Künstlerinnen Ostbelgiens" in 2020 and presented their project idea "Hyperbild", KL-EX (Klangexperimente) felt immediately inspired to take up their concept in close exchange with the two artists and expand the dialog to include a musical component.

The two artists invited KL-EX to expand their exhibition at the IKOB with sound and music, thus extending the artistic dialog.

Frank-Thorsten Moll, director of the IKOB, will offer a guided tour through the exhibition HYPERBILD, with short musical interludes by KL-EX at various points, which will enter into a dialog with the respective artworks and build a bridge to the sounds of the chamber concert, which will be performed by KL-EX after the guided tour.

Duration of the musical tour: approx. 40 minutes

Duration of the concert: about 40 minutes

Concert program

Christian Klinkenberg: New short compositions on works of art by Andrea Radermacher and Tanja Mosblech, for 3 violins
Gregor Pankert: Manual volume automations, for dj set - violin - live electronics
Wolfgang Delnui: Loslassen, for 2 violins
Paul Pankert: Partita Ritardata, for violin and live electronics


Paul Pankert, Maxime Stasyk, Gregor Pankert, violins
Gregor Pankert, Paul Pankert, live electronics

Admission is free