The current exhibition “Museum of Vanities” at the IKOB – Museum of Contemporary Art was developed and realized by the artists Sali Muller and Jerry Frantz as a joint project. Such collaborations are not without their risks. Above all, when it is the first time the artists have worked together and their manners of working are as divergent as in this case.

It becomes clear, however, that the possible risks can definitely bring rich rewards. Because the exhibition seems well thought-out and all of a piece, without sacrificing the uniqueness of the respective works. It almost appears as if the works mutually increased their value. The air-to-air missile that Jerry Frantz placed in the museum with its golden warhead is reflected admirably in the mirrors of Sali Muller, who treated them in such a way that reflections can only be vaguely surmised.

Together with the director of the IKOB, Frank-Thorsten Moll, Sali Muller and Jerry Frantz will speak about these sorts of fortunate moments during the exhibition, about their perspectives regarding art, and about the respective goals and intentions that they each seek to achieve with their art.

Free admission
Conversation in German


Exhibition view Museum of Vanities
© Jerry Frantz and Sali Muller; photo credit: IKOB