“Who is in the House” currently features the Belgian painter Romain Van Wissen in his first solo exhibition at a museum. On 22 October, he will be a guest at the museum and will speak on such topics as how his pictures and installations arise and what sources inspire his ideas. Van Wissen has developed an unmistakable visual language in which he deliberately contrasts muted colours with glaring neon tones and combines realistic landscape depictions with abstract coloured surfaces.

So whoever wants to literally “be in the picture” should attend the discussion between Van Wissen and Frank-Thorsten Moll, the director of the IKOB, and personally participate in the exchange – a splendid opportunity to get to know the current artist of the German-speaking Community because today he is “in the House.”

After the conversation, Walter Mießen is awarded with the honorary presidency of the administrative board.

Free admission.
Conversation in German.


Photo credit: Gerd Plitzner