In 2000, the German astronaut Gerhard Thiele circled the earth in the Space Shuttle flight STS-99. He will be coming to the IKOB for a discussion in the framework of the exhibition “Eric Peters – ÜBERALL.”

His visit inaugurates the program series Moll trifft... , in which the new director of the IKOB, Frank-Thorsten Moll, will invite guests from various areas into the museum for a conversation and discussion with the visitors, The visitors will speak with Moll and Thiele about the astronaut’s experiences in outer space, the Space Shuttle flight, and Thiele’s relationship to art. At the same time, it will be revealed what actually connects the astronaut with the works of Eric Peters.


About Moll trifft... :
In the new program series Moll trifft... the director of the IKOB, Frank-Thorsten Moll, invites guests from various areas of society to share in a discussion at the museum.

Visitors have the opportunity of gaining information by themselves entering into conversation with Frank-Thorsten Moll and his guest. The focus of the new format is the individual relationship of the respective guests to the current exhibition as well as to the annual theme of the IKOB. The integration of contents from the media, interruptions of all sorts and a healthy portion of humour break up the familiar conversational routine and create an unhampered framework for a free-spirited and critical discussion.

The series Moll trifft... allows visitors to participate in the discussion and promises an entertaining and stimulating evening at the IKOB!

Guests up to now:

12.03.2018: Stefan Mekiffer, economist, philosopher and cultural scientist
02.09.2017: Klaus Sames, cryonicist
09.05.2017: Herbert Ruland, historian
10.07.2016: Gerhard Thiele, astronaut