On the occasion of the exhibition [ˈsəːvIs] Present ٠ Perfect ٠ Continuous, a text collage by Marleine Chedraoui will be read out by Dr. Arie Hartog, director of the Gerhard Marcks-Haus in Bremen, on June 3rd, at 3 p.m..

The same text has already been read out by Dr. Andreas Beitin, Carmen Genten on June 1st, and Lene ter Haar on June 2nd.
Will the same collage with the same text on the same lectern change due to the different speakers? How do viewers change their behaviour when they hear the same text from different people?

The text collage is read out in German.
Admission is free, but voluntary contributions are welcome.


Microphone, lectern and wire
Photo credit: Reinhard Doubrawa
© Reinhard Doubrawa