This exhibition was curated by a group of children and presents artworks from the IKOB collection. Eight young art fans embarked on the adventure to develop an exhibition in collaboration with the IKOB team over a period of six weeks. During regular meetings at the museum, they worked as a group to develop the thematic focus, the selection of works, the scenography and the publication material.

The children had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the museum and conceptualise an exhibition that meets their needs. In the process, they addressed many questions: What does an exhibition require to be exciting for the public? How can new stories emerge by putting together different works of art? How do you develop a project in a group that everyone is happy with? And last but not least: How do you turn a museum on its head?

The young curators organised EAT THE RAINBOW around six ‘colour planets’: WALD INDEPOLM, GESTERN BIS MORGEN, RAUCH STEIGT AUF, EINE TROCKENE WELT, RUSTY ROSE and BLUBB. They selected 63 works from the museum’s collection and assigned them associatively to these thematic worlds. This creates new, sometimes unexpected bridges between the works and the exhibited artists.

This exhibition offers the special opportunity to see a large part of the IKOB collection, which has not been presented at this scale since 2020. The IKOB collection is a visual reflection of the history of the museum. With almost 400 works, it conveys the artistic, political and geographical orientation of the museum. The IKOB collection bears witness to the friendly spirit that has connected the museum with artists since its beginnings. With this project, the museum honors this tradition and aims to further expand the social and participatory role of our cultural heritage.