Arthur Cordier

* 1993 (B)

Lives and works in Den Haag (NL) and Brussels (B).

ARTHUR CORDIER (*1993, BE, lives and works in The Hague and Brussels) explores the aesthetics of bureaucracy, entrepreneurship and efficiency in his works, whose references he expresses in situation- and context-specific works. His works often question the nature of artistic practice in relation to the entanglements of economy and art in a society driven by economic productivity. In addition to his practice, he is co-initiator of the studio and project space The Balcony in The Hague (NL) and works as guest curator for Art au Centre Liège (BE).

Arthur Cordier, Untitled (Landscape paintings) 1/3

Untitled (Landscape paintings) 1/3, 2021

Arthur Cordier, Untitled (Landscape paintings) 2/3

Untitled (Landscape paintings) 2/3, 2021

Arthur Cordier, Untitled (Landscape paintings) 3/3

Untitled (Landscape paintings) 3/3, 2021