Bert Danckaert, 2014

Horizon #016 (Lodz)

60 x 80 cm
Archival Pigment Print on Fine Art Paper,
mounted on Dibond, framed in aluminum frame

„Though in his earlier work [Danckaert] sought globalised phenomena such as Ikea parking lots and shopping malls, the work in Horizon shows a more nuanced response. Significantly, it reveals a departure from a mode of seeking the preconceived image that supports a predetermined idea; it offers instead the mental space of the explorer, the follower of the horizon. Danckaert’s current practice is to work alone, in cities he describes as ‘randomly chosen’ and which are unfamiliar to him. He does very little research and simply walks the streets all day for several weeks in a state he compares to meditation. His subjects are not the places where he makes his photographs, but “the possibilities of a space”. His images are ultimately only about themselves. They are more made than found, using the arbitrary materials of wherever Danckaert happens to be.” – Alison Nordström