Francis Feidler, 1996

Elastikommunikation mit 2 Metallraster und 3 Fichtenbalken

150 x 300 x 100 cm
Iron stretchers, round iron plates, spruce plates, metal grid

"My goal is the emergence of situations where the communication between the artwork and the viewer acquires elasticity, does not follow deadlocked paths, but uses all free spaces" - this is how Francis Feidler describes the concept of elastic communication invented by him, which is a common thread running through his practice. Elastic communication also determines Feidler's "object montages," which he has exhibited internationally since 1980 and continues to reconceive. By placing robust, often industrial materials in a state of fragility, the artist creates a tension that triggers an intentional sense of menace-as in this work, heavy spruce beams are held in place solely by the interaction of tension and balance between two metal grids. This work was part of his retrospective exhibition. The work was part of the solo exhibition ELASTIKOMMUNIKATION 1964 - 2021, which took place at the IKOB in 2021.