Kristina Benjocki, 2022

Ornaments (the Mirror, the Tulips, the Birdie, the Flames, the Little Solders, the Turtle Doves)

66 x 50 cm each
Series of six drawings: Ink on acid-free paper, museum board, maple wood hand-painted with ink, natural white museum background, Japanese XL mount, anti-reflective museum glass 99% UV.

Kristina Benjocki's work deals with political processes of remembering and forgetting in the context of a formerly divided Europe in installations, sound works, weavings and films. In her exhibition at IKOB in 2022, she focused on both the history of the Eupen textile industry and her personal biographical connections to textile production. The result was a poetic interrogation of the links between the activity of weaving and ideals of technical progress, political history, and constructed cultural identity. Benjocki's hand-drawn grids in ink on paper, flanking variously traditional ornaments of the Pirot Kilim rugs, reference the historical importance of weaving patterns to the development of the computer and musical composition. This work was part of her solo exhibition AT SUNSET WE RETREAT ONCE AGAIN, UP THE HILL, TO WHERE WE CAN WATCH THE SKEINS OF WATER REFLECT COLOURS WE'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE, which took place at IKOB in 2022.