Sali Muller

* 1981 in Luxemburg (L)

Lives and works in Kehlen (L).

Sali Muller was born in 1981 in Luxembourg. She first studied the visual arts at Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg. After finishing her studies in 2006, she matriculated at Trier University in art history and completed this second course of studies in 2009. She lives and works in Kehlen in Luxembourg.

In 2010, Sali Muller returned to Luxembourg, where she rented a garage. Since 2013 under the name 21Artstreet, it has served as a meeting-place, workplace and exhibition site for artists. At the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Luxembourg in 2013, she was awarded the Prize for Young Artists. In 2015, she participated in the 7th International Art Festival in Valencia (Spain) and received the Premio Incubarte.

In 2017, her works were presented in a solo exhibition at the Suprainfinit Gallery in Bucharest as well as in the exhibition Museum of Vanities at the IKOB. With her Concept Art, Sali Muller investigates the role of the individual in relation to himself and his environment. Not least of all, she addresses the issue of how human beings alienate themselves from nature and from their own self-image.

Sali Muller, The Imperceptible Self

The Imperceptible Self, 2016