Everyone is welcome to the opening of our new exhibitions at IKOB, in the presence of both artists: "Kristina Benjocki: At sunset we retreat once again, up the hill, to where we can watch the skeins of water reflect colours we’ve never seen before" and "Reinhard Doubrawa: DIE GANZE WELT SAMMLUNG TEIL1".

At 6:30 pm there will be a performance by musician and composer Seamus Cater, in connection with Kristina Benjocki's exhibition.

About the exhibitions:

Kristina Benjocki (b. 1984, lives and works in Amsterdam) explores the political mechanisms of forgetting and remembering in the context of former Eastern and Western Europe, and her work materializes through installation, audio, textile and film. Engaging with the local history of the cloth industry in Eupen as well as her own biographical attachments to textile production, the exhibition at IKOB is a poetic interrogation of how textiles and the very practice of weaving intersect with technological progress, political histories, and the construction of cultural identity.

Reinhard Doubrawa (b. 1963 in Treysa, lives and works in Cologne) presents his self-contained installation THE COMPLETE WORLD COLLECTION PART1, an attempt to explain the composition of the world through an encyclopedic display of its key words and objects. In black, white and shades of grey, the universe reveals itself through handmade prototypes.


Foto: Jannis Mattar