Lucile Desamory talks about her films, her perspective as a Belgian artist after 20 years abroad, and about topics that are often overlooked. She presents her new project Entre les lignes (co-authored with Damien Desamory), which is closely connected to the region in the far east of Belgium: "Theia, a land surveyor for the Belgian Cadastre Office, is sent on a mission to the municipality of Moresnet to investigate suspicious ground movements on site. While setting her markers, the official is exposed to unusually strong telluric currents. Currents and tensions of historical, geological, and magical nature – because this 18 square kilometer piece of land, wedged in the border triangle between Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, was Neutral-Moresnet for 100 years. The central seat of the Esperanto movement. A patch of land, no nation, with a lot of zinc in the ground, much moonshine, and one policeman."

Lucile Desamory (1977, Brussels) is a visual artist, filmmaker, actor, and musician and has lived and worked in Berlin since 2004. She is interested in the borders between perception, excess, the falsified and neglected narratives. This interest in marginal phenomena requires a constant change in medium. She uses cinema, painting, drawing, embroidery, collage, photography, and her voice. She combines these techniques broader media such as installations, films, radio plays, and performances.

Many projects are created as collaborations like for example the theater play The Extraordinary Wig with Antonia Baehr in 2020, the performance Asteroseismology 2018 with Sabine Ercklentz and Margareth Kammerer or her second feature film Télé Réalité directed in collaboration with filmmakers Glodie Mubikay and Gustave Fundi, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2020. Lucile Desamory is currently working on a television series that will also be a feature film, De Wervelende Wiwar – The Swirling Tangle.

This project is a collaboration with Escautville and is supported by the bilateral cooperation of the German-speaking and Flemish communities.