You are warmly invited to join us for the opening of the exhibition ALL OUR YESTERDAYS with Lili Dujourie, Sophie Nys, and Angyvir Padilla and the unveiling of the work EXPERIENCIA CONSTANTE by Cristian Pineda. We start at 15:00 with introductions, followed by Angyvir Padilla's live performance Virgy's Boutique. Everybody welcome!

About the exhibition:

The group exhibition ALL OUR YESTERDAYS traces a lineage between three Belgium-based artists of different generations: LILI DUJOURIE (b. 1941), SOPHIE NYS (b. 1974), and ANGYVIR PADILLA (b. 1987). The exhibited works encompass sculpture, installation, photography, film, sound, and performance, and span a timeframe of over fifty years (1969–2023). By subverting signifiers of the domestic and destabilizing established artistic categories, the exhibition offers a fragmented narrative on temporality, memory, and loss. The artists consider how the body moves through time and space, leaving traces.

EXPERIENCIA CONSTANTE (2023) [Constant Experience] is a mixed-media mural by Cristian Pineda conceived specifically for the ground floor of IKOB. The work is an extension of the artist’s ongoing body of work entitled “Flux,” an expression of our interconnectedness as human beings and with the world around us—relations that are characterized by difference, opposition, and change. In Experiencia Constante, Pineda’s spiraling lines, bursts of color, and layered materials present this tension as a productive force, a call to embrace the unpredictable and unknowable aspects of life. Situated in the entrance of the museum—a space for public events, educational activities, and for hanging out—the work provides a welcoming environment for interaction and reflection.

Angyvir Padilla, CASA NÚMERO OCHO (HOUSE NUMBER EIGHT), 2019. Photo Silvia Cappellari