Aline Bouvy, 2018


Various materials (fabrics, ceramics, watercolor, epoxy, motor, wire, blown glass
glass, artificial hair, wood)

Aline Bouvy likes to surprise and unsettle her audience. She intentionally scratches at the limits of possibilities and at the social expectations of a "serious" artist. She wants the viewer to think about and question social norms and moral constraints. Just as in PUP I, Bouvy creates doubles for herself in her works. In this case, the latter sits on a bench in the exhibition space and plays uninhibitedly with French fries. Her created figures make noises, perform automatic movements, or remain in motionless poses. Their sexual connotation, including the obvious allusion to female and male gender, is a potential troublemaker in the public space, in the white cube or in the viewer's gaze. The work was part of her solo exhibition PUP - THE CABARET VERSION which took place at IKOB in 2020.